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Morbid Angel at their most extreme and abstract - 95%

intothevoid, March 4th, 2008

Following David Vincent's departure from Morbid Angel and Steve Tucker's recruit Morbid Angel releases "Formulas Fatal To The Flesh". It marks a solid evolution from the last album "Domination" in which the contemporising and commercial "hate and frustration" metal has left a significant influence.

Departing from the slowed down, near-grooviness of the last album, the first track "Heaving Earth" swoops in. The crushing heaviness of the ensemble is immediatly felt, and after a certain amount time the blast beats kick in just to push this heaviness to other extremes.

We notice a significant change vocal-wise : Tucker's vocals are extreme and less comprehensible than Vincent's is, yet they participate in the huge atmosphere created.

The album has many memorable songs such as "Covenant Of Death", "Bil-Ur Sag" and "Chamber Of Dis", all of which create a crushing and suffocating atmosphere through the usage of 7 string guitars, pummelling and break-neck tempos delivered by the drums, booming and powerful bass and of course the occasionally layered growls.

The songs carefully and intricately alternate between soul devouring blast beats and slower, groovier intervals. As a whole, the album creates a disturbing, eerie yet brutal environment that leaves solid ground for the Sumerian mythology inspired lyrics.

As much as I wish I could say this album is great, some factors influence my choice to give this album a higher grade ; the instrumentals for instance. The synthesisers do not aid in creating a disturbing atmosphere and break the flow of the album. Some of the intervals last too long, sometimes seem pointless and leading nowhere.

In overall, this album proves to be Morbid Angel's finest in terms of speed and brutality, but it still lacks the precision and to-the-pointless of older albums, such as "Covenant". Nevertheless, this album is a worthy purchase if you're into ultra fast, precise and brutal death metal.