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A Return To Form With A Few Setbacks - 88%

Zoanthropic_Paranoia, February 17th, 2007

Morbid Angel just never give up. They are unrelenting in their efforts. Every time they release a new album I go out and buy it and more times that not I am blown away by it. "Formulas Fatal to the Flesh" succeeded in doing that but only for a handful of tracks.

The dreaded filler tracks are back on this album. I hated these on the "Domination" album but to have five separate tracks devoted to fillers and instrumentation is inexcusable. The only real track that I can stand out of the filler tracks is more of an instrumental solo than anything else and that is "Hymn To A Gas Giant". Trey tears up for about a minute and then the same theme from that track continues over into the next. 10 minutes later after that track there are three consecutive filler pieces. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. It would seem that Morbid Angel just wanted to get this album over and done with so instead of writing three more awesome songs they decided to press some notes on a keyboard and add some cool ambient effects. Not up to par guys.

Besides that major flaw and dent in the albums score everything else is really well done. This is perhaps the heaviest album since "Covenant" was released with most of the non-filler tracks being an unrelenting trip through the bowels of hell, something which Morbid Angel has always been able to give its listeners.

A personal favorite track of my own is "Covenant Of Death". It's just very, very heavy and probably the best track off this album. The awesome musician again has returned. No need to point out what is obvious. Morbid Angel never fails to deliver a show of technical and brutal strength on each of their albums.

All in all "Formulas Fatal to the Flesh" is not a bad album but it is not a great album either. At the very least I can say that Morbid Angel have returned to their brutal sound reminiscent of "Covenant" days and it shows and it is good, but the fact that five separate tracks are nothing more than ambient noise is inexcusable. I hope that Morbid Angel to not continue down this path of ambient experimentation. I would hate to see one of the greatest Death Metal bands of all time go the way of the do-do.