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The Best Thing They Ever Did - 89%

BurntOffering, May 30th, 2006

I'd never thought I'd see the day when I would put the band Morbid Angel in the same sentence I would put the word "Good". Yes, this is Morbid Angel, and it is good. Well, it's practically thrash. You have to think about when this came out, which was 1985/86, but this was some damn brutal thrash. This was before the stupid vocals, horrible drumming, and retarded downtuning. The production is a little rough around the edges, but it does the trick! Mike Browning's vocals are quite nice. Think Pleasure to Kill-era Mille although a slight more Morbid.....Saint-ish. The bass is audible, the guitars are a little low, but the tone is nice. Luckily there is no stupid grind drumming here.

We start with "Chapel of Ghouls" and a funny intro, but this is old school brutal death/thrash and it rules! It's actually pretty revolutionary for the time. Like "Bestial Devestation" and such. Highlights include "Angel of Disease", which also is on "Covenent", and unsuprizingly is the best and only good song on that album, but here it is played best. "Lord of All Fevers" has some really great riffs, as does "Hellspawn". Things here are really nicely developed. It's just all great Death/Thrash, there shouldn't be any complaints. Some stuff here really screams out Kreator, Exodus, Possessed, and mabye a little Mantas/Early Death. It really shouldn't be taken song by song, but more as one brutal slab of music like a Demolition Hammer album. A few songs would make it on to "Altars...", but everything here is just fine. They really should have released this in 85/86. Everything here is a winner.

Anyone who likes Death Metal or Thrash Metal, should really pick this up. This was best thing this band ever came up with, and shouldn't be overlooked. Very old school. If you're a fan of this band's later mindless bullcrap, you might not like this, but for the rest of us who like our Death/Thrash with balls, check it out. RECOMMENDED