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A Bit Different Morbid - 59%

Human666, April 8th, 2007

After the releasing of "December Moon", John Lennart (guitar player) left the band and not much later also Dead left the band for doing vocals duties in Mayhem.
So then 'Zoran' recruited as guitar player and 'John "Gehenna" Berger' was their new vocalist. In this demo the band sounds much different from what they used to be in their former demo.

This is absolutely a thrash demo, not death metal. Their new vocalist sounds like average thrash vocalist. He shooting the lyrics in a rapid style with a lot of anger, and in my opinion he sounds better than Dead...well, for this style of music he fits better. The riffs are also sounds like a pure thrash. The edge between death and thrash is not thick, as you know, and in the former demo the riffs sounded like somewhere between this edge. Now the riffs crossed this edge and reached to the thrash point. Sometimes it reminds me a bit 'Darkness Descends' (of Dark Angel) with the aggressive and blazing riffs, but it isn't good as that one of course. The production sounds as a thrash album as well, it's pretty raw and aggressive, but still it sounds like a demo recording.

Well, there isn't something special with that demo. It sounds ok but nothing here attracted me to listen to it more than three or four times. There is more of the same and you can't really separate between the tracks. Overall it's another decent demo of a short lived band.