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Wow! - 100%

PseudoGoatKill, October 23rd, 2004

Many people say that you cannot buy a CD based on one single you've heard from the band or the CD. Most of the time these people are correct; however in this case they were wrong.

Case in point; around August I purchased the Century Media X Box Set. One of the many songs that I fell for was Moonspell's Ataegina. I took a glance to see which CD it was off of and after finding out it was from the Wolfheart CD I decided to look for it.

Lo and behold the local music store had it. I had planned on buying it later that week, but someone else had bought it. I was finally able to purchase the album last week.

You know those CD's that you have extremely high expectations for and it delivers on those expectations sometimes bettering them? Moonspell's "Wolfheart" is one of those rare albums. To put it simply this album is perfection through and through. It's not just the amazing guitar riffs, bass lines, drum lines, and vocals that make this album so great. What makes this album so outstanding is the experiementation and the differant elements of metal woven into Moonspell's main outlay of Gothic Metal and Folk Metal. The entire album has a dark, sometimes erotic feel to it. Except for Ataegina which had a somewhat happy feel to it.

The album starts off with Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade) which is a pleasant start for the rest of this album. The song is mid tempoed, not as fast as it's successor "Love Crimes" but not as slow as the truer gothic metal song "Vampiria". The song shows a lot of progressive metal elements woven into gothic metal.

"Love Crimes" is the faster song on this album. I am going to however say that this song and many of the other songs have melodic black metal elements to them, but not pure black metal elements. The vocals can be at times very raspy, but not all the time. I feel also that the timing and tempo of the riffs are too slow for anyone to believe that this album has any blackmetal elements on this album. Still the albums remains perfect, but of course it's because there's no blasterbation.

That was only a small taste of what this album is like. If you like your music to be dark but differant; if you like your music to be influenced by melodic blackmetal without tons of blastbeats; if you like lots of guitar riffs, and guitar solos; if you like drumming that changes tempo and rhythym on the fly; if you like a bass that you can actually hear; if you like the sound of various other instruments; and if you like the idea of a vocalist that can actually sing and do distorted vocals then you have no choice but to pick up this album.

The power of Goat compels you!

Highlights: The entire CD.

No, really, highlights: Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade) Love Crimes; ...Of Dream and Drama (Midnight Ride); Treburana; Vampiria; An Erotic Alchemy; Alma Mater; and Ataegina (if available)