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vampire perfection - 99%

MrBrownstone, August 31st, 2003

Never have I heard a goth metal cd quite like this one. Every song is an epic. Wolfshade opens the album with a strong instrumental work and then when you're all camn down and enjoying the music at about a minute mark a horrible scream introduces the vocalist Fernando Ribeiro in his best shape. The man doesn't have the vocal range of, say Bruce Dickinson, Hansi Kursch... He doesn't come even close. But, my god how his vocals soothe the music. He has one of the most evil voices in metal. Forget blackish screams, daeth growl, this guy is scary even when he does it clean.
So, back to the song. Wolfshade is arguably the best song on this cd. Fantastic combination of scrams and clean vocals, powerful lyrics, real gothic ones, great instrumenatal work on the begining, fantastic riffs, accoustic breaks and a great solo in the end. spectacular
Love Crimes picks up where Wolfshade left off. Fernando Ribeiro can only wright about two things - vampires or tragic love. Guess what this one is about. And again they get it spot on. great riffs. Awsome back vocals. Fantastic
...of dream and drama is significatly shorter song. fast, practicly galoping song. The song proves worth of it's name - Midnight Ride. You'll feel just like you're galoping into the night, never to come back
Lua d' inverno is just an accoustic instrumental, showing that the guitarist really knows his business.
trebaruna is the only song in portugease. another great one.
"vampiria, you are my destiny..." starts off the next song. Mystical, evil, perfect
An Erotic Alchemy is perhaps along with Wolfshade the best song here. Story of love, but characteristic moonspell way. Marquiz de Sade qoute in this one, very powerful moment. I said it before and I'll say it again - this guy has THE most evil vocal in the world
Alma Mater is somewhat different from the other songs. It is fast, almost black metalish. One of my favorites (hehe, well they're all my favorites). Very fast song with a powerful chorus sang in portugease

This is not for everybody. If you are a power/happy metal fanatic avoid this. But if you are at least a one small bit into the dark music (well then you've most probably heard and you already love this cd) then look no further, this is the thing for you. This is what goth METAL is all about