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Legendary music. - 83%

tallhagillani, November 19th, 2007

Moonspell contains few of the most talented musicians of the world, musicians that have the potential to vary their styles to great extents. This album is a re-recording of Moonspell's oldest work consisting of 1993 demo "Anno Satanae", 1994 EP "Under The Moonspell" and their oldest song which was recorded under the name of Morbid God, 1992 demo "Serpent Angel". The songs contain few elements of black metal combined with arabian musical elements (arabian folk), both of these elements are away from their conventional sound. These songs are slightly different from their original versions, the main difference is the production.

Fernando Ribeiro vocals are as good as they can get. Most of you will hear such strange instruments that'd be new to your ears, only those who are familiar with folk music will recongnize these instruments, these are the convential arabic instruments that are played in local festivals. The arabian musical elements are dominant in the songs, acoustic guitars have been used sometimes but the drumming is outstanding and have been played in the traditional heavy metal sense. Guitars are different, they tend to get real sharp and real soothing, there's so much versatility here, there are few real nice solos in "Tenebrarum Oratorium (Andamento II / Erotic Compendyum)". Keyboards along with few other melodic & symphonic instruments have been used immaculately.

The lyrics are relatively different, they contain confusion but depth and, therefore, it is difficult to get to the core and are in three different languages English, Portugese & Arabic. Different religions have been mentioned in the lyrics as well as various mythical deitites like "Lilith" etc, verses from Islamic prayer, darkness and north have also been discussed.

The songs are not as flashy as conventional folk metal but they sound epic in a strange sense, the weak moments are almost negligible. Its a sad thing that Moonspell changed their style and started to create music that was more approachable. The gothic & doom metal fans might find this sound a bit difficult to digest but if they try to listen it their maturity level will be raised. Its a must for old school extreme metal fans who enjoy diversity.