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when is a dvd or box set coming out? - 90%

Rhaven, July 28th, 2004

So many cds, you would think our friends would have a dvd or box set or best of cd.

Well anyways, this album offers alot, greta music, A cool video, and A very interesting read(the mulitmedia offers a view at the english version of the novel which inspired this album.)
Track one starts out very nicely you have a slow opening in the track then onto the sterotypical style of double bass used by the drummer(A slow yet steady beat) This A very catchy song(it is about fear and how it is "in and above men" do I know this? Read the multimedia each track on the cd is based after a chapter in the book. This song plays out nicely then goes straight into the next track without any stop in the song(in fact at the concert it was pretty cool and got everyone pysched)

The next track from lowering skies is one of My favorites, Through out most of the song there is this cool, tribal like, drum beat, and the slow droning of the bass guitar is clearly heard entering and leaving. the vocals are kind of like whispers and very lamentic, but during the chorus they pick up to a shout of "From lowering skies"......seeing is not beliveing!

it would be pointless to ruin the rest of the album with lots of talk so here it is in short.

In and above men-great, A key track
From lowering skies- slow, ambient, depressive, gives a feeling of trance
Everything invaded- ambient, changes tempo often, excellent solo
The southern death style- energetic, one of the heaviest tracks.
Antidote- very ambient, slow, very peaceful, most melodic track
capricorn at her feet-A good track but nothing special
Lunar still-alot of synths, very slow, A great song
A walk on the darkside-A pretty interesting track, vocal variations are plentiful
Crystal gazing-An ok track but nothing that sticks out
As we eternally sleep on it- one of the better track, a very good outro track as well.

compared to alot of the other albums this one seems to be a little lesser, but that may be due to the changes.

there is alot less synths, alot more harsher vocals(at least compared ot D&H)
no portuguese lyrics at all, not even in spoken word like on the last album.

yet with all these changes the cd still gets a high rank from me, all i n all its a worth the buy and easy to find at that.

some of the better changes, alot heavier for those who like it that way, the solos are a little more complex, and the album is more focused in concept form.

Bonuses-everything invaded video, 80+ pages from the novel "the antitdote"