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Vampires are back!...but not quite - 90%

MrBrownstone, April 17th, 2004

Well, having been a Moonspell fan for a long time I've been living in hope that they would be able to recreate the glory of Wolfheart and Irreligious again. Sin/pecado and the albums that followed were not bad, but really failed badly in comparison to the aformentioned two masterpieces. Now, here we have an album which really gets them back on track. It's a lot darker and a lot more agressive if only for the first half of the album. And that is a thing that strikes you first when you listen to the Antidote. The first 4 songs are much more agressive then the rest. It's as if the album has two separate versions. What impressed me the most on this release is the drumming. There are for sure better drummers then Mike Gaspar but I have never heard an album where the drums sound better then this. It's not that fast, nor is it that complicated - it just sounds great. The biggest downside, and I'll have to agree with the previous reviewer on this one - is the voice. Fernando still sounds great, and is still one of my favourite vocalists, but he is not as great as before. There is just no more that chilling feeling like when he screams in Full Moon Madness, or the clean vocals of Vampiria. It's still good, but not that good. Now for the songs :
1. In And Above Men - a great song to start an album. lyrics are very good, and the atmosphere of the song makes it one of the best on the album
2. From Lowering Skies - starts with the best drum beat ever. you have to hear it to believe it. but, other than that it really has nothing to offer. Pretty standard Moonspell
3. Everything Invaded - the only single, and easily the best song on the cd. It has everything, great lyrics, fantastic solo (and solos are one more thing you won't hear a lot on this album), and the overall atmosphere.
4. The Southern Deathstyle - And right after the best, comes the (I won't say worst) least good song. Now, that I write this I can't really recall anything special about this song. This is one of those you forget right after they're over
5. Antidote - with this song starts the other half of the album. It's slow, and has a nice atmosphere. But, altogether - nothing special
6. Capricorn At Her Feet - an avarage song that has an interesting spoken part in the end. Mystic is the best way to describe it.
7. Lunar Still - Now we are on our way up. very good, very mystical song. vocals are great.
8. A Walk On The Dark Side - Another good song, with a well constructed, hypnotising chorus
9. Chrystal Gazing - And just as we started with the best songs on the album, we finish with one of the best. Everything is perfect here. Again an excellent chorus with Fernando's vocals shining brightly.
10. As We Eternally Sleep On It - Another great song, perfect to end the album. Slow, atmospheric, and has very good lyrics. On of the best on Antidote.
Overall, this isn't quite Wolfheart nor Irreligious. That's why it doesn't get more then 90. But it's still a very good album. And a sign that after a couple of weaker albums they're back on their way to the top.