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Wooh, March 18th, 2007

Not the rating, no that's not a mistake, the mistake is made by you people, that in great numbers you go and nuke this one.

First of all thank you everyone there, Vampire pseydoRomanticist Goth Soldiers. Yeah, someone should tell all of you that some efforts are more original and more eccentrical than your usual everyday I-AM-A-DARK-BITCH stuff.

This album is one of the ODD Moonspell albums. Under the Moonspell is another one. They are odd in the sense that they could not be easily categorized in some fuckin trend. Where Wolfheart was black metal without blastbeats and with keys/samples, where Irreligious was Goth stuff with some angry parts and generally more metal mentality than your average shit (actually I adore that album, it's not on of their shit albums), where Darkness and Hope was HIM disguised as Moonspell, Sin/Pecado is something fucking else. A best way to describe this thing would be something like Sisters of Mercy with
Depeche Mode influences living in the mediterranean. Yeah this album's got some goth inside but hey, it takes it to a whole new level, there's A LOT of wonderful and strange melody inside this album. The fact that it is not catchy by any means (with the exception of the 2ndSk1n shit) shows to you my dear vampires, that you cannot classify that in something like Goth Rock wasted shit. No this is not your average HIM, THIS IS NOTHING LIKE HIM OR SHIT LIKE THAT.

VERY IMPORTANT: Why this album gets 85% and not something like 93%? The answer is simple, this would get a very high rating but there's something about it. Some songs are pure shit and should be wiped off this album, some even give me a feeling of self-parody. Generally the album has a feeling of self-parody which is good at some parts but songs like Dekadence and Second Shit should be nuked. But however, this spoils about an 8% of my rating.

Let's do a zoom in. First of all there is an intro that kind of resembles to allah akbar intro from Under the Moonspell and in the end Fernando says "SlowDown, God can't hear you". Wooohooo let's get to the real songs, HandMadeGod is pure magnificence. Atmospherical Mediterranean stuff with a rock and a goth vibe into it, fuckin A, fuckin awesome. Check out this track's solo, great arabic/mediterranean stuff. From what I can make out this SlowDown/HandMadeGod kinda rejects god or religion or I don't know what exactly, probably talking to all these praying assholes and stating "Slow Down" (the arabic stuff there is of an islamic mosque praying thing). But Moonspell does this in style, no blind pseydointellectual or pseydosatanic shit of Black Metal with PAGAN PAGAN GODS GUD KRIST DØD KRIEG KRAFT KVLT SHIT like that and a horde of Satyrs and other "visionary" warriors to besiege us with cannons firing horse shit. Moonspell instead maintains a level of irony which is fuckin great. Then we go to Second Skin which is a LOOK-AT-US-WE-HAVE-A-CD-SINGLE crap. Forget this shit. Abysmo has a good mediterranean vibe too and in a faster pace than HandMadeGod more catchy but still good. I can't understand a thing of the lyrics (as for most of the album but they're actually fun to read and kinda build images in your mind which is ok for me, these are poems not the bombarding of logical statements of some lawyer-soldier). Ok Flesh/Magdalene are fucking A too. Flesh is a magnificent arabic intro to Magdalene and Magdalene is a very emotional and interesting song. It reminds me of something oriental (again) and the lyrics are cool (...and illogical too :P ). It is a VERY original style of a song, go listen to that vampire-warriors. After that we've got a kind of a letdown as I don't really see the interesting thing in V.C. Gloria Domini and EuroticA. Eurotica isn't that baaaad but I wouldn't even listen to it more than once. Mute is magnificent and is in the vein of HandMadeGod but more emotional. Great. Then the second letdown, Dekadance is pure shit (with the exception of a good solo) and Let the children... is not something important and definately not something that remains in your mind. What we have last? The beauty called the Hanged Man which is probably the lightest track in this album but is one of the best too... Oh, and a strange outro, that's all.

It seems kind of strange to me that Moonspell would put out an album like that, yeah, they are FUCKIN ULTRA SUPER experimental always but this one seems to me so positively ignorrant to the intentions of their fans. Would seem to me more like a project of Fernando but not a Moonspell LP. This is an album that small quantities of people are able to understand. You've got to dig through your psychological black metal warrior or Vampire-soldier problems to find the beauty of this. This is no PAGAN stuff I GOT FUCKIN TIRED OF PAGAN STUFF. This is cool NON-CATCHY mediterranean atmospheric rock. This melodies and voices organically merge with the lyrics that with their illogical and ironical side mock (I hate this word it reminds me of the ANUS warriors) some shit that has sat like a well-fed pig in our lives. Things like religion and/or taboos and shit like that. So, even the lyrics are very good for me. I hate when people reject lyrics they don't understand. Even if they look very illogical. I mean, are DIMMU BORGIR's lyrics more logical? Hey, not in any sense. ....baaahh Fernando was either dumb or he didn't give a fuck if this would sell, I can't make sense to it otherwise.

If you are a fan of MOONSPELL.... ....MOOOOONSPELLLL and not just a fan of dark gay vampire goth stories, you're probably going to like this one. If you like mediterranean or kind of oriental music, you're gonna like that. The good thing is that this is no ETHNIC stuff. I think ETHNIC stuff is too far-fetched, I want more caution when deciding to put influences like that in the music. And I am well satisfied by this album because of that, too. To sum it all up, this album doesn't belong, it is the most anarchist thing put out by Moonspell, it is deep, it is weird and it is anti-genre-defined. It is fucking M.O.O.N.S.P.E.L.L. and it is great music too.

Listen to: Handmade God, Magdalene, Mute, Hanged Man

Better stay away from: Second Skin and Dekadance