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The Curse of Experementation. - 83%

PseudoGoatKill, April 12th, 2005

In 1998 Moonspell takes the figuritive stage. A legion of fans are awaiting to hear this music expecting something out of Wolfheart or even Under the Moonspell. They seemingly forget the fact that Moonspell has always been about experimentation, and when they hear this album they cry blasphemy.

"Where is Moonspell? Bring back Moonspell! You are not Moonspell!" They shout at this band who they view as fake. Bottles and rocks are thrown at the band who are forced to leave the stage.

Meanwhile in the distance a figure quietly applauds the bands stepping into this territory. Her clapping grows louder as the shouts and cries of the others die down. Soon everyone is looking at this person and in a moment are sharpening their knives ready to berate this person...

Alright I'll be clear I am a huge Moonspell fan no question about it. I first started with Wolfheart, then I got Darkness and Hope. After that I got "Under the Moonspell" "The Butterfly Effect" and "Sin/Pecado". All of these albums are differant musically. Moonspell is not and has never been a consintant band. For those wanting another Wolfheart forget it, because it will not happen.

Moonspell love to experiment with music which should not be condemned. It's a sad world in which one feels that exploring new territories is an utmost horrible thing to do. Oh no, this album isn't as metal as their other albums, oh let's all cry!

Is this Moonspells weakest album? I'm not too sure since I've yet to hear their entire discography, but with me giving it an 83/100 it is the lowest score I have given the band. 83/100 might seem too high to give to this album, but fuck... I actually enjoy it!

Call me what you well, but I see something very worthwhile in this album. So it doesn't have tons of blazing guitar solos and intense riffage. It has atmosphere! Everytime I listen to this album I'm taken somewhere else besides this world. I do grant that this album is more of gothic - atmospheric rock/metal album than it is pure folk/gothic metal. This album still has some of the bands metal structures. We can hear a guitar solos in the songs "Hand Made God" , "2econd Skin.", "Magdalena", and "Dekadance". For an album that's touted as not being metal it sure has alot of complex metal solos in the songs.

Let's be quant here, am I expected to give an album a 10 or less because it doesn't match their past music? I mean I gave Shadow of Death a 21% and that album was just inanely boring. Must I give the album a low score because it took a turn from metal? I've given several other albums a low score. Naah I think I'll be brave and review this album on the way it makes me feel, and it actually makes me feel something other than complete an utter boredom or depression.

I for one am proud to declare that I really enjoy this album. I actually like all of the atmospheric and industrial elements used. This is still Moonspell at the heart though. The music may be differant, but the heart and soul of it is still the same. Moonspell have always and will always be about taking the listener to another plane of existance. How they decide to do that is entirely up to them. If they want to do it with guitars, bass, lutes, and drums I'll enjoy it, and when they decided to do this album with drums, vocals, guitars, and programming I still support them.

But no, experimentation is the root of all that is evil. You'd best stay away from this kiddies if you value your souls. Hurry, he's coming after you, and he's ready to take your soul! He's already got mine! Hurry save yourselves before it's too late!

I for one enjoy being in the grasp.