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The Best Album No One New About - 90%

serial_killer_miller, June 14th, 2008

Ever since Moonspell got away from their black metal style they've really come into a zone. First releasing the absolutely dynamic "The Antidote" quite possibly one of the best concept albums of all time. Fallowing that up with Memorial which proved even more that Moonspell is a band that is unique while still sounding heavy and melodic at the same time.

Now with their second full length on SPV they bring us "Night Eternal"with all of Moonspells' albums I never pass up the opportunity to listen to their latest albums as they have not disappointed me yet. This album is of course no exception.

What really grabbed me about this album is the diversity. Fernando blends a beautiful mix of raspy growls, whispers, haunting clean vocals and has help from beautiful female vocals on a track or two. The riffing is flawless. Each riff used is memorable and is accompanied by smooth rhythmic drumming, and catchy bass lines. Of course, we can't leave out the keyboards they are a nice touch on this album really adding a great atmospheric element.

Night Eternal is easily the dark horse for the best album of 2008. Anyone who was a fan of the Antidote or Memorial will surely enjoy this album as well. Nothing short of top notch work from a top notch band.