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Romanticized Metal - 90%

Shirt_Guy, June 21st, 2008

It’s hard to follow up a great first couple of efforts. Sometimes the sequel(s) fail to match the predecessor. There’s a flip side that I’m experiencing lately though, with bands who I previously thought of as having jumped the shark managing to capture the magic and spirit of their previous releases, with something quite different than youthful exuberance.

When I heard “The Antidote”, I knew Moonspell had captured a lot of that magic in an album that was quite a bit lighter than what I’m used to hearing from them. There were a lot of slow passages and mostly clean singing on that effort, so you’d most likely expect follow up to either follow suit or continue to lighten up in order to progress further, as is the case with many bands who tinker so much with feathery moments in such heavy music. That of course is not the case, as not only is “Night Eternal” more powerful with sawing guitars, double-bass drum pounding and Fernando Ribeiro’s harsh roar are coupled with busy epic passages and an motional heaviness.

Moonspell of course practically stand on their own with goth metal that has the kind romantic flair you could only get from Portugal. Sure it does tend to sound like themselves throughout their career up to now without really actually pushing forward very much, but there’s just so much passion pouring off the damn thing it’s not hard to be sucked in.

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