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One of the best releases of 2008. - 95%

CallerOfTheCthulhu, July 24th, 2008

For a lot of individuals, Night Eternal managed to slip undetected through the radar. However, Moonspell have pulled out all the stops on this release and have put together what can only be summed up as the best CD of their career, or possibly even CD of the year.

With this one, the band has adorned a more in your face musical style. Night Eternal holds a much heavier, more death metal musical sound as compared to previous works. There simply is no other way to look at the music, other then it's heavy, and it's in your face. Songs like "Shadow Sun" definitely take moments out for you to breathe and for the vocalist to sing a little bit, but not much, whereas songs like "At Tragic Heights" and "Night Eternal" will simply crush your skull repeatedly until you give in and start moshing in your own bedroom, and thensome.

While many of the songs that make up this release are the most aggressive the band has ever done, there are some slower songs that fall in the typical Moonspell staple sound. Songs like "Scorpion Flower" and "Dreamless (Lucifer And Lilith)" show that the band has not forgotten how to make songs that can sound beautiful as well. The beautiful female vocal accompanyment in the songs also helps out to make them stand out on this release.

Really, there isn't a single thing wrong with this album. The production is superb, the music is excellent, and while some tracks jump from slow and melodic to faster and aggressive, it works perfectly with the music. The only problem with this disc is that, after a while, the track "Hers Is The Twilight" might become a little boring as the end approaches. But, other then that, the album does not disapoint, and it easily one of the best releases this year, if not the best releaser this year, period.