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Moonspell at it's Rawest. - 73%

PseudoGoatKill, November 9th, 2006

This album by Moonspell was released as a 7' vinyl. Thanks to the wonders of computers and the internet it is possible to download the two tracks of this album. Amazingly the music still sounds like a 7" vinyl. You can hear the hisses and pops laced through out the songs.

Goat on Fire/Wolves From the Fog is Moonspell's most raw, primative, and blackened album of their career. There are some folk elements here and there, but otherwise they are few a far between. The production on this album is extremely raw, and at times it is hard to make out exactly what the music is. The parts that I could hear were very nostalgic of old school black metal. Raw, bleak, cold, and dark. The instrumentation is good for the most part, and sets up the stage for future albums. The vocals on this album are of the distorted kind, and again some of them are lost in the hiss and pop translation.

Of course this album is not their best effort. Still it is interesting to listen to this album and observe how Moonspell has evolved from album to album. I would recommend this album only to those who are curious about early moonspell, blackmetal fans, or die hard Moonspell fans. Those who are more into Moonspell's gothic metal may want to steer clear of this.