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Demonon Vrosis, March 9th, 2015
Written based on this version: 2015, CD, Napalm Records

Moonspell are back! A lot of metal fans were expecting this release, and after singles and samples, we can finally listen to the complete result. So let’s see what we have here…

"Extinct" is Moonspell’s eleventh studio album, three years after their last great work, "Alpha Noir/Omega White". And as usual, a Moonspell album brings something new to the band’s sound. If we have a look on their discography, we can see that every album is different from the previous one. Fans often get disappointed when the bands change their style and roots. On the contrary, I like this and I believe that this is a great advantage in music, as it helps the artists and bands to evolve in time and not repeat themselves again and again. It’s not easy to say if “Extinct” sounds like one of Moonspell's previous albums. I would say that it’s a new approach, creating a new sound for the band. And it’s good.

“Extinct” contains ten songs, creating a 45-minute album. The album’s sound is less dark than some of their previous releases, like "Alpha Noir" or "Night Eternal". Fernando Ribeiro used mainly clean vocals for this album, so songs like “Domina” and “The Future is Dark” may remind us of "Omega White". However, on some of the songs, like “Extinct” and “Malignia”, we can find Fernando’s distinctive and powerful harsh vocals. The guitar parts of the album, riffs and solos, are really nice. In my opinion, "Extinct" contains some of the most melodic guitar solos the band has ever used on an album. This, in combination with the background keyboard melodies and the solid bass/drums, create a great result. "Extinct" also has a great sound quality, perhaps the best we can find on a Moonspell album. It was produced and mixed by Jens Bogren, who is known for his work with great bands, such as Rotting Christ, Opeth, Katatonia, Paradise Lost and many others. A beautiful work has also been done in the artwork by the Greek artist Seth Siro Anton (best known for his band Septicflesh).

As said before, Moonspell are one of the bands that love to change and evolve with every release. If you look for an album that sounds like Wolfheart or Irreligious, you will be probably not satisfied. But I guess you already know that Moonspell has changed a lot from that time anyway. However, if you are a Moonspell fan and you enjoy all their albums and their different styles all these years, you will definitely love "Extinct". Of course, that goes for every metal fan, in my opinion. Generally, it’s another good work from Moonspell and I believe that we have much more to wait from them in the future…