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Great Viking Metal - 92%

ict1523, May 7th, 2005

First of all, I was shocked at how excellent this band was, yet another spectacular band from Scandinavia, Moonsorrow from Finland. I started off with Voimasta ja Kunniasta and was not disappointed with.

The album starts off with a beautiful piano intro, "Tyven". Very nice and short intro. It sets the mood for the rest of the album. We move on to "Sankarihauta" which starts off with what probably is the best scream I ever heard. It has all the elements of a perfect scream, it is long, loud, harsh, and sounds very painful. Beautiful scream. After that its all very nice instruments until we hit 2:00 which is when the vocals kick in and they sound just as harsh and painful. They are just perfect. After that the song kind of goes on and is really great. Beautiful epic, the strongest song on the album.

"Kylan Paassa" starts off really nice with guitars and the sound of swords. After that follows a good scream, more guitars and swords for a while. After that we also have a noise in the background that sounds sort of like a spring before the great vocalry kicks in again although its not as powerful and moving as in "Sankarihauta".

"Hidenpelto including Hapean Hiljaiset Vedet" starts off quietly with some nice guitar and drum work and even some acoustic guitars. It gets louder at around 0:50 and the vocalry kicks in at 1:15 which is very well done too. It is a very dark song and kind of slow paced. It also includes a nice instrumental towards the end.

"Aurinko ja Kuu" has a nice acoustic intro before it explodes at around 0:33. Very well done song with a good blend of all the instruments.

Lastly we have "Sankaritarina" which starts off quiet and with the sound of waves. It doesn't really kick up until after the 2:00 mark. It is a slower paced song but very well done. It is also a good closing and is the lengthiest song on the album at 13:50.

This is a very good album and while it has some polk influences, that only makes it better. It is dark throughout and by the end you wish it wasn't over and that there were more than 6 tracks. Very well done and I am happy they stretched the songs out. Even though they are long, they are not boring. You can always hear all the instruments except the piano. I only heard it during the first song and maybe in a few places throughout the rest. The guitars are great too. There are a few nice solos and some memorable riffs. But the strongest song was "Sankarihauta" which once again includes one of the best opening screams I've ever heard.