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Best. Album. Ever - 100%

hottercraft, July 3rd, 2006

The best Viking Metal CD (and the best album of all time) was made in 2001, and it was called "Voimasta Ja Kunniasta", the best masterpiece ever made. In this excellent CD can be heard Black/Viking metal voices with an atmospheric and folk ambient, and with some of the nicest guitars I've ever heard.
This is 100% Moonsorrow, so it's pure fucking Viking Metal. The ambient in this CD is absolutely incredible, and with the folk sound in the ambient, we can imagine that we're in front of a bloody epic battle, these songs can definitely act as battle hymns, and sometimes we'll hear the noise that warriors are making when they're in the battle, the swords sound, the shouts of people dying... OGHHH!!

The true Moonsorrow sound begins into the Intro "Tyven", with some excellent notes, and this notes will be repeated along this CD, happening the same than in Suden Uni, that fucking folk riff is true amazing, and you'll repeat it for days, really catchy and elegant, really... viking. The next song "Sankarihauta" can act as the best Viking Metal hymn ever created, with its amazing guitar riff and its excellent vocals. The changes of intensity on the sound are excellent, when we're listening strong guitars, the sound can change into a nice folk ambient. "Kylän Päässä" is the heaviest song on this CD, and in the beginning we can hear another vocals riff that we can hear in all the Moonsorrow's releases, their characteristic and true sound is, definitely, the sound that we'll hear in this CD. "Hidenpelto" and "Aurinko Ja Kuu" are more fucking masterpieces, but the most ambiental and atmospheric song is "Sankaritarina", an amazing song that we'll enjoy for more than 13 minutes, with the nice fucking vocals riff. In fact, "Sankarihauta" and "Sankaritarina" are the hymns of this CD. "Sankarihauta" has stronger guitars and stronger vocals, "Sankaritarina" is a more ambiental and atmospheric song, with some riffs that are repeated a lot of times along the song, but with amazing growls, and perfect changes of intensity. There is a moment in the song where we can hear a bloody battle: people dying, people winning... and when it finishes, the best riff guitar of all this CD. This CD is really a fucking masterpiece.

I can say they have improved their sound since they edited their first CD "Suden Uni", but a lot of elements of their first CD can be found in this release. This CD is, definitely, the born of the new Viking Metal supergroup, and the born of the best Metal release ever recorded.
Viking Metal forever...†