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Great epic heathen metal album! - 94%

ThePKH, February 26th, 2003

Blown away.
The debut album was great, but left some space for progression since it mostly reminded me of Finntroll with finnish lyrics and without the polka-parts. The best song on the first album was the most epic part of it, the amazing 1095 aika and I was glad that the songs on Voimasta ja Kunniasta (Of Strenght and Honour) pretty much follow the same style and go even more epic. The speed of the material remains quite mid-tempo mostly, there are some faster parts though. I really love the solo's on this album; there aren't many of them but when the solo comes it really fits into mood! In the last song, Sankaritarina (Warrior's Tale) the solo is my personal favourite part of the song.

It's quite hard to name any favourite track since they are all very great. Exception to Hiidenpelto including Häpeän Hiljaiset Vedet (Field of the Devil, including The Silent Waters of Infamy) which is great but isn't as great in quality as the other tracks. The album overall doesn't have much flaws. I think the growled vocals could be better, they lack some strenght. But this doesn't annoy me anywhere on the album.
Production is quite nice, it doesn't emphasize any instruments, but they can all be heard there. I give 100 points to the keyboards and orchestrations. It's nice to hear an album where keyboards do not steal the show or on the other hand they do not become redutant either. And the most important part: No annoying keyboard solos!

While I was very pleased with their first album, it is most certain that Voimasta ja Kunniasta is more mature and definitely more ambitious Moonsorrow album. With more this kind of albums Moonsorrow would soon appears on the top of my list when it comes to either folk/pagan metal or whole finnish metal scene.