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The best musical experience humanity has done - 100%

Largos, April 17th, 2006

To truly understand the rating I give to this album, when listening to the music, don't listen if the vocals are good, neither the drums, guitar nor keyboard. Ok, you may say that this is a Viking metal album and metal is about... NO. This is a very atmospheric album, more than metal, and that is what it counts here.This album makes you travel through space and time, to where Vikings live, in wartime. And you are there. This is my feeling when listening to this. And you know what? I love Vikings!

But let's talk about the music. What you will hear here is a very well done epic Viking (or heathen like they call themselves) metal. Beginning with "Tyven", and ending with "Sankaritarina", you will be in a very atmospheric musical experience. One of the things that makes this album unique is the riffs. They are epic, yes. They are boring, no. They are repeated endlessly, yes. Does it makes it boring? No. Does it create a fucking atmosphere? Hell, yeah!

In fact, let's begin describing the music. "Tyven" is a keyboard driven prologue, in which there is only a riff, repeated until the end, preparing the atmosphere, until "Sankarihauta" explodes where "Tyven" ends. The main riff is repeated like the 80% of the song, but it never feels boring or monotone. There are two main brakes, one at 3:30 (the scream here is the best metal scream, trust me!) and other at the end, where the keyboard takes the lead, and it's fucking great! The feeling of that is undescribable. Just hear it and see Vikings in all their glory.

If I had to tell which song is the best, I just couldn't, because it's little piece of music is just perfectly done. "Sankarihauta" is the perfect opener, because if you don't like this, I doubt you will like the rest of the album. "Kylän Päässä" is the heaviest track, and "Sankaritarina" the most atmospheric and longest. But don't worry, you won't bore. Just when you think the song is beginning, it just ended, and about 13 minutes had gone like 5. It's like that, it has happened my always, even I've heard this song hundreds of times.

I could still describe what I believe is my favorite album, but this can't be described merely by words. Just hear the album. If you like extreme metal, know this band has the best screams I've heard ever. If you like melodic metal, don't worry, because there is enough melody for you. Hell, if you like music, kill, rape, destroy to get this album!

Best tracks: Don't ask. Every track deserves a perfect score.