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E-P-I-C - 97%

DreamsofInsanity, November 16th, 2004

One of three releases to come out in 2001, along with a re-recording of their demo, "Tämä Ikuinen Talvi" and their debut "Suden Uni", MOONSORROW came out of nowhere. For the uneducated, MOONSORROW play Viking Metal that is somewhat rooted in Black Metal, fusing together heavy metal riffs with their atmospheric Nordic folkloric influeces - and hell does it sound good.

MOONSORROW have many similarities with fellow countrymen FINNTROLL, the most obvious being that they share a keyboarder. But where FINNTROLL apply a humppa influence, MOONSORROW opt for long, drawn out epics that maybe actually be too long for some, but are just the right length for what they're trying to achieve.

The album opens with the folky intro "Tyven", setting the scene (and pace) of things to come. A great folkloric instrumental that builds up to the first real song on the album.

"Sankarihauta" (Warrior's Grave) starts off with a great, epic intro that leads into a riff with an evil sounding twist. You'll recognise one of the riffs from this song as the intro, "Tyven", aswell.

"Kylän Päässä" (A Village Away) opens sounding evil enough, followed by an acoustic break with the good ol' bouncy sound just before the vocals come in. At 3:19, the song really picks up into something that can only be described as one big orgasm, lasting for the rest of the song. Fucking awesome stuff.

"Hiidenpelto including Häpeän Hiljaiset Vedet" (Field Of The Devil) is about a once battle-hardened warrior who turns against his own people and leads the enemy to strike against his village, killing his own brother in the process. The song's strong point is it's lyrics, and although the weakest song on the album, it is still as epic and grandiose as the rest.

"Aurinko Ja Kuu" (The Sun And The Moon) starts off with a great Nordic acoustic intro before leading into a riff ripe for headbanging. This song is, as you'd expect from MOONSORROW, another epic that draws you in from start to finish.

"Sankaritarina" (Warrior's Tale) is the longest song at the album, aswell as being the strongest. A 13 minute long epic with an intro worthy of appearing in any BAL-SAGOTH song. This song has an atmosphere of it's own, it has to be heard to be believed/felt. The music shows perfectly just what the lyrics are saying, and is a great way to close an even greater album.

If you enjoy the likes of ENSIFERUM, FINNTROLL and ELVENKING, you should already know about this band, and if you haven't already got this album then what are you waiting for?