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Viking black metal at its best - 93%

Human_Eradication, April 10th, 2007

New album from one of my all time favorite Viking black metal inspired bands, celestially named Moonsorrow. Since their legendary “Tama Ikuinen Talvi” demo, this Enslaved Vs Bathory worshiping horde always had shown the potential of being destined for greatness!

Unlike Mithotyn who kicked off with some powerful material but their latest efforts turning out into “sour cream”, Moonsorrow keeps recording massive releases one after the other with “Verisakeet” possibly being their most powerful and Grande album to date! Nothing much has changed if you are already aware of their musical abilities, but the songs are spanning to a majestic 15 min. each and the sound is even more superb than ever.

All accompanied by Bathory` s acoustic guitars, Thyrfing` s folk elements, old Enslaved` s harshness and the typical Moonsorrow track - structure that keeps the listener focused on the music solely. There are only 5 tracks on this one but they are all trademark classic with a capital TM. Songs with a proper structure that are able to balance the aforementioned elements. Songs with prospect and direction evoking images of Scandinavian vast lands and bloodied battlefields.

Viking metal is not dead, at least not with acts such as Moonsorrow! This is one of the best samples of this form of art I have heard in recent times and also one of Finland’ s finest who instead of following typical black metal stereotypes choose to follow their very own sad path since day one.