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It seems Moonsorrow has begun to run out of ideas - 70%

Lunar_Strain, February 18th, 2007

What happened to the Folk?

The only thing folk about this album may be the lyrics. And this is a great disappoint me, because I am an avid Moonsorrow fan. Unfortunately, the score for my first Moonsorrow review have to be under a 90% -- something I really thought not possible about a few weeks ago.

I don't understand where or how they could have gone this wrong with such a greatly anticipated album (by my aspects, at least), but after digging farther back into their past, I now see signs of this future as far back as Kivenkantaja, the first true example of where we see Moonsorrow's growing tendency to make 8+ minute long songs. Even still, that album was pure beauty. Then came Verisäkeet, which wasn't bad at all, aside for the 14+ minute songs that also began to lack Folk Elements in their music (and LYRICS!!).

However, though, I had never expected them to seemingly completely drop their (or at least have an abscense thereof) folk elements all together...

Hävitetty seems to have confirmed the opposite. Moonsorrow makes atmospheric metal here. Not the lovely Finnish Folk themed metal we're all in love with. Now, don't get me wrong. I love Moonsorrow, and I love this album, it's great, but it deeply lacks purpose. This might as well have been a Drudkh album with clean vocals and heavier tones.

"Jäästä Syntynyt/Varjojen Virta" is probably where most of the disappointment comes in. It's beautiful! It's a Raunioilla for 2007, but it completely lacks ANY of the folk element that the true Raunioilla did. The other song, titled "Tuleen Ajettu Maa" is not so different, but no so much better. The guitars are performed well, the bass is distant but present, the drums are pushed back into the mix (just like on Verisäkeet) as are the vocals, and the keyboards are dissonant (also like on Verisäkeet).

This album was a love/hate relationship for me. It was really good, but it deeply lacked definition.

70% for their efforts. 10% taken away for the lack of Folk elements, 20% taken away for the ridiculously long track lengths.