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Not a good idea. - 60%

666head, June 13th, 2008

Moonsorrow are a band that needs no introduction, especially to folk metal fans. And their most recent album (as of this writing, June 13th, 2008) is an oddball of sorts. The album contains two tracks, and truly makes me think. Truly.

The album begins with the sound of cracking fire, which then evolves into a weird acustic piece, and then electronic instruments are introduced. The whole first song is a really, really mixed bag. Some parts are very emotional like, some are just pure fury, and some just downright snore fests. Seriously, and clocking at 30 minutes and 10 seconds doesn’t really help the situation either. Its great if you have the patience for it, but honestly, its just to damn long, but a good thing is that it at least sounds like one song, not like 5 or 6 just mashed up into one track.

The second track is a whole lot more interesting than the first, and the highlight of the album. Its starts off with some shamanic like drums, and then evolves into some good ol’ folk/black metal. The track is nicely passed, has plenty of epic choruses, and some really interesting passages, and some parts that are a bit lackluster. The song sounds like something Bathory could’ve cooked up. It’s really epic and sounds more like a cohesive work of a composer or composers and the recording process of an actual band. The song just feels inspired somehow, but not quite fulfilled, it’s odd.

The lyrics are nice. While they are sung in Finnish, the band offers English translation on their website, which is great.

Overall, Moonsorrow’s V: Hävitetty is an ok album. Its main drawback is the first song, which really isn’t worth listening to a whole lot, save for a few parts. The second song is basically what saves this album from being absolute crap, and is basically worth getting the album for.