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Just a little overdone - 75%

linkavitch, June 11th, 2009

Taking off right from their last album, Moonsorrow’s new EP focuses more on an epic pagan black metal feel where as to the more folk oriented style of their earlier albums. This EP goes a little bit overboard for the epic feel. It has narrations from actors (none of which I’ve heard of), has a big folk break half way through the song, and has a grand epic choir finale. Hell, the song is almost half an hour long. And it all works. They went for a more epic sound and they pulled it off with Tulimyrsky.

The song “Tulimyrsky” breaks down into nine parts, filled with narrations, fast aggressive black metal, a calming folk break about half way in the song, more black, more narrations, and a folk oriented chorus at the end to close it all. This all works for the song, but the problem is that they use too much of it all. It song clocks in at 29:45, so the song is dragged on a bit. The problem I find with these massive lengthy songs is that after listening to the same song over some time they can tend to get a little bit boring after a while. After listening to the same black metal style riffing for seven minutes before they chance tempo or decide to proceed into the song I get bored.

The end of the song is where it really gets going. You get the whole pagan feel at the end of the song, about the last four minutes or so. Quick chorus part, then the final narration, then at the last two minutes they go all out with the epic closing with a multi-harmony sung chorus with all the bells and whistles (seriously you can hear bells and whistles in the background). They song may be overlong, but it is also enjoyable once you get past he excessive repetitiveness of it.

Now this isn’t just a one song EP. There are also two covered songs, and two rerecording’s of old songs from their demos. “For Whom the Bell Tolls” ehh…not so good, keyboard doesn’t fit into the song is all. “Back to North” is alright, although it just makes me want to hear the original version by Merciless.

As for the two rerecorded tracks, they just got a better production job pretty much. Nothing too special, although they’re a big highlight if you have never heard the original versions.

This EP is rather enjoyable, and if you liked their previous album you will likely enjoy this with the overlong epic song structure to it. If you however, were disappointed with Hävitetty you will also be disappointed with this release, for it follows the same structure of song, so proceed with caution.

Edit: fixed mistake.