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Save my fucking bones! - 97%

All_Consuming, June 30th, 2008

I just must admit that I love the "new wave of Moonsorrow". Suden Uni was good, but I'm just not so much into that kind of heavily folk-melodic metal. Verisäkeet changed the direction of Moonsorrow, and now they are pretty close to the ultimate perfection of this style they are doing. Let me tell you, Moonsorrow sounds better than ever on this EP... which is an unearthly thing to say!

First thing to say is that Ville growls like a beast now! And another is that Moonsorrow has still managed to get more epic than last time (which I really thought to be impossible after V: Hävitetty). They have also moved closer to black metal than folk metal - and in my opinion thats only good thing. They are still Moonsorrow, you can hear their roots through the music, but I feel that Tulimyrsky is the most effective record ever made by Moonsorrow.

Tulimyrsky-track is perfect. First it sounds little bit like Verisäkeet, due the brutality, but later I can hear even influences from Suden Uni on it. This is, afterall, very blackened folk metal, and you can hear it yourself. Blastbeating, growling, tough riffs and still great atmospheres. Tulimyrsky avoids the curses of the progressive metal-genre; it is not long just go be long, it is long to carry the epic, massive story that it holds.

The other tracks are pretty average compared to Tulimyrsky, but still great. For example, the Metallica-cover is pretty nice and Henri's vocals really surprised my - in a good way. The two re-recorded demotracks are pretty pure black metal, raw, but still they sound so familiar. I could actually believe that track "Taistelu Pohjolasta" could have been part of the Tulimyrsky-song.

And the Merciless-cover is the best cover I have ever heard. It could be becouse Merciless itself is perfect, but I really loved this cover, becouse it sounded like Moonsorrow's own song. Great riffs, but still able to make up atmospheres by using acoustic guitars and so on..

What can I say? I'm a Moonsorrow-fanboy and I love this shit!