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A Precursor To The Infallible WIN To Come - 86%

OzzyApu, December 17th, 2007

Overall the production is less stellar in comparison to the full-lengths, but it clearly has no effect on the music at all. For a demo, its actually on par to many black metal albums, aside from the fact that there is a lot more melody (that’s where the folk comes in, foo). Tremolo-picked, distorted riffs are the majority here and make the songs feel simplistic, while the screams / yells / clean vocals don’t really differ all too much from those of the first couple of albums. Most of the songs span over eight minutes, but they literally feel like four or five minutes apiece. Bass is negligible almost everywhere and the drums are rather secondary and quiet, but still audible at respectable volumes. The amount of keyboard support, much like Catamenia, also gives the music a more sinister atmosphere, with Mr. Sinister wearing a fur coat to keep himself warm.

Regardless of this demo’s instrumental flaws, there’s no doubt that the songwriting will blow you away. Well, don’t expect to be mesmerized by anything, but you’ll definitely be coming back to this one when you need more Moonsorrow.