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Moonsorrow's Blackest Album Thus Far - 85%

ict1523, August 22nd, 2005

This is a very fine start for Moonsorrow. They had some great demos before this first full-length album, but this one is even better. The demos and this album definately have more black metal influence than any of the other albums, although Verisakeet sort of brings the black metal feel back to it.

We start off with "Ukkosenjumalan Poika" which is the best done track on the album. It starts off with a very nice wolf howl before the drums and guitar kick in. The guitar is very good and it is more clear than the drums, and then Ville starts screaming. His vocals in this are very good, growly, and even a little vicious. One thing is though that they are barely audible over the guitars and keyboards which, rare for Moonsorrow, are actually heard more clearly than in other songs.

"Koyliojarven Jalla (Pakanavedet II)" starts off heavily, then the fiddle comes in and later the acoustic guitar, which has a beautiful sound to it. Then the song explodes again with a scream from Ville, although once again it is pretty weak, because its barely audible. The vocals however are great here, and can be heard without straining your ear. The fiddle and acoustic guitar make several more re-appearances. The chanting clean vocals of Henri are also well done.

"Kuin Ikuinen" is a very well done epic, structure-wise. It has a few melodies and it stays with them rather than going all over the place with different melodies. It is the second best song on the album. It starts off heavily with drums being the main instrument you hear and then we get one of Ville's best screams on this album before the vocals once again kick in. There are also a lot more clean vocals on this song, later on.

"Tuulen koti, aaltojen koti" starts off with the sound of waves and acoustic guitar. This part also reminds me of Verisakeet, the newest album, which also contains a lot of the sounds of nature. We get some heavier guitars here too later on as well as the fiddle. This track is also mainly instrumental and that is a benefit as this song sounds better off without including any vocals.

"Pakanajuhla" starts off with a fiddle again, the fiddle is very present in this album as you can tell before the guitars and drums kick in. Ville's vocals are good in here and they sound a bit more aggressive than usual.

"1065: Aika" is the lengthiest song on here clocking in at 11:01. The first 2 minutes of it are really basically can hear a little melody quietly in the background, but it really does nothing much. One thing that this song does do to you is give you a very dark feeling. After that we get the drums and guitar to kick in as well as a very harsh and painful sounding scream from Ville at around 2:15. This almost sounds like a song one would listen to while watching Vikings fighting a battle in the background several hundred years ago. This song maintains a similar melody throughout its entirety and contains only chanting. Ville gets a little break here.

"Suden Uni" is an ambience piece and it really doesn't do much for the album. They should have kept it out of the album.

Now if you have the re-issue, next comes "Tulkaapa Aijat!" This is a very fun drinking song that starts off with someone opening a beer. One to enjoy, and one that takes you away from the usual epic tales of Moonsorrow.

The re-issue also contains a DVD with two promo videos, "Sankarihauta" and "Jumalten Kaupunki". They are both shorter versions of the original song but are still very enjoyable. The "Sankarihauta" video does have somewhat poor quality though. "Jumalten Kaupunki" is a much better done video.

It also has four live tracks from Live At Tuska in 2003. The four tracks are "Jumalten Kaupunki", "Sankarihauta", "Kylan Paassa", and "Unohduksen Lapsi". They are all very enjoyable, especially "Sankarihauta" and "Kylan Paassa" which sound a bit different than the original versions. Moonsorrow own live!