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A promising beginning - 90%

darkside93209006, June 6th, 2008

Moonsorrow, a name every folk/Viking metal fans should know, is known for special music style which combines Scandinavian folk tones, epic atmosphere, black metal influences and progressive elements. Moonsorrow was formed in 1995 by two cousins: Ville Seponpoika Sorvali and Henri Urponpoika Sorvali. Before they signed by Spinfarm Records they released two great demos: Metsä, Tämä Ikuinen Talvi. They were symphonic black metal band at that time, but their music soon become much more epic and folk. In February 2001 they released their first album: Suden Uni. With this album, we can realize what their music sound like, and why their music career is a tremendous success.

In this album, Moonsorrow use black metal riffs with symphonic keyboard line, to create majestic and powerful music. Songs such as Ukkosenjumalan Poika, Köyliönjärven Jäällä (Pakanavedet II), and Kuin Ikuinen truly show the black metal influences in their music. The double-bass parts in these songs and the extremely fast drum blasts in the last minute of Ukkosenjumalan Poika are black metal drumming styles. They also use lots of black metal riffs throughout three songs. But Moonsorrow is not a pure black metal band! Their keyboard arrangements show why they are so special! The melodies of keyboards are Scandinavian folk tones and turn these songs from pure black metal into Viking metal sounds magically. It will soon become their unique style.

Folk instrument using skill is another outstanding ability of Moonsorrow, especially in this album. Moonsorrow use accordion in Köyliönjärven Jäällä (Pakanavedet II), Kuin Ikuinen, Pakanajuhla, and Tulkaapa Äijät, to play classic folk melodies. Pakanajuhla and Tulkaapa Äijät are truly headbanging. Moonsorrow try to create paganfest scene in these songs, the drum tempo is fast, the guitars play lively, and the drunken vikings shout loudly. These really make you want to take a drink and dance with those Viking brothers. Both of two songs are folk metal masterpieces.

The best song on this album is the ten minutes epic: 1065: Aika. This is the first epic metal song made by Moonsorrow, and it’s amazing. This song is based on beautiful keyboard melodies which create huge atmosphere. The guitars and drums fit with keyboards perfectly. Moonsorrow also perform their classic choirs in this song, and it's the best moment in this album!!!!!This is why I love viking metal and why I love Moonsorrow so much!!!!!

Besides, I’d like to mention the vocal performance. Ville Sorvali is one of the best vocalists I’ve known. His harsh vocal style is unique, just like he screams with his whole heart, very passionate. I even can feel his emotions from his voice. That’s the way a metal vocalist should be!!!!!

So combine all the advantages: passionate vocals, blackened guitar tones, majestic atmosphere, classic folk melodies, and perfect musicianship. Moonsorrow have truly made a promising debut at the beginning of their career. Although Suden Uni is not good enough to become a classic, it’s still a folk/Viking metal masterpiece. If you like Scandinavian folks and Viking sounds, or you are a fan of epic metal, you shouldn’t miss this one.