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Odin must be proud!!! - 95%

Hellraiser_Doom, February 14th, 2005

The first LP released from this band, maybe you could think that a new Viking band would probably sound like "deja vu", concerning everything that has been made before their time. Well, anyone with this opinion is undoubtably wrong or hasn't heard the CD with true listeners ears.

The CD starts incredibly well with "Ukkosenjumalan Poika", this song's an absolute killer. The riffage of the entire song creates a unique atmosphere that kind of makes think about battles and stuff like that, very epic song with a trmendous feeling.

Secondly "Koylionjarven Jaalla Pakanaved" apears to give a most folk oriented ambience. This song unfortunatly doesn't get the ambience that his "brother song" gets in the fifth track, "Pakanajuhla" is definatly a much more enthusiastic song the previous. Still they're quite good and both tend to refresh the ambience of the CD.

"Kuin Ikuinen" then kicks in with a smooth entrance to probably the best constructed song on the release. This one gathers all the key elements that makes this a remarkable release, melody, heavy riffage, ambience and the epic tone.

The fourth and sixth tracks are the epic ambience oriented songs, both "Tuulen Koti, Aaltojen Koti" and "1065 : Aika" are classics on their epic aproach to appease their gods. Absolute wonders of Viking metal, these two will make you breathless!

The final track "Suden Uni" is a simple acoustic guitar outro, nothing really special.

Good reasons for you to aquire this release, well the epic feeling on the album is quite evident, highly dense atmospheres gives the music a quite freedom-like sensation, and the melody's are simply astonishing. I recomend this CD to any open-minded fan that can understand the true feeling behind bands like Tyr, Bathory or Amon Amarth, just to name a few, still this band has its own unique sound and resources. In one word : Unique!