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Excellent atmospheric BM! - 99%

Mors_Gloria, August 31st, 2007

This demo release does not resemble the style of music that Moonsorrow play. Yet it is pure awesomeness.

It's basically a three song demo.

The first song, Jo Pimeys Saa, is an intro with some horses running and some battle sounds. It sets the mood well enough but I think they could come up with something better.

Fimbulvetr Frost is the next song of the album. And man it's a hell of a track. The piece has some excellent melodic keyboards that are not hintering the rest of the music to be heard. The guitars are playing some very nice riffs. The drums even for a drum machine are great with some excellent blastbeats and some really nice fills. Now, we come to my favourite part. The vocals. Sorvali's screams are magnificent and we can hear again our already known finnish chants at the chorus and some spoken words. It is a remarkable song.

The last song is called Hvergelmir - Elivagar (Pakanavedet). It is a long track (over the 10 minutes mark) but I would not call it epic. At least not in the classical Moonsorrow style. It is resembling more to the kind of epicness that Summoning and Graveland have at least in my opinion. Excellent track, too.

The only drawback of this release is the intro which is not the best that Moonsorrow could write. That's the reason they do not get the ultimate rating

Overally, your money are not going to be wasted on that demo. This is not only for Moonsorrow fans but for any fan of black metal.