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Raw yet promising... - 60%

BoRo, November 3rd, 2005

This is the first demo of Moonsorrow that saw the daylight. It's very short, doesn't even reach 20 minutes. I have to admit that it's not outstanding but still the spirit of the later masterpieces can be felt... There are some remarkable things (good as well as bad) that I think should be mentioned:

* The production, not horrible but faaaar from good. I know, i know, it's just the first demo... Nevertheless that influences the general impression of the record.
* The songs, the first just an atmospheric intro, not even melodic. Later two long but not very complicated pieces of something between heathen black and folk. Eventually a short, peaceful, instrumental ending. Guess that's not what everyone could expect.
* The performance, aaaaww - drum machine. This one doesn't really fit in this genre. Still I remember that it's just the first demo but Moonsorrow guys could try a little better and find a drum set, 'cause I think a drummer would not be a problem. And the second thing is the vocals. These are very strange distorted blackish crieks yet (with a lyrics sheet) moderately understandable. It's definitely not the style that we know from the later Moonsorrow works.

The fact that you love their longplays doesn't mean that you'll love this demo. I can't even say that it's better than a more-than-just-good "Tämä Ikuinen Talvi". It's just a demo that every self-respecting fan of Moonsorrow should at least once hear and shape his own opinion about it.