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Wow... - 100%

Pwnzorator, April 16th, 2008

I am blown away. This, my friends, is the summit of metal. It is the album of the year, of the decade, of history... It is a shame that they had to split-up because, with ''Shining'', they just gained number 1 in my favorite bands. So why is it so good? Because you have everything you want: blast beats, lots of acoustic guitars, amazing clean vocals and destructive black vocals as well as warrior shouts, grunts and everything the throat can do, slow to fast paced riffage, tight double pedal...You literally have everything you want. This album is sure to please most metal heads, from power to death, from melodeath to progressive...

This album is a total swirl of emotion; it makes you want to fight like a proud warrior at some points and cry like a baby at others. All musicians are nothing short of astonishing, you are 100 % sure to find something you like in here and if you're like me, you'll just love everything. Most of all, the album doesn't suffer from the ''short and sweet'' release syndrome. With over an hour of music, you will be totally satisfied...yet you will ask for more. To be totally honest, I lack the vocabulary necessary because this is way too beautiful to be told, you have to listen.

If you like a Celtic touch, guess what, you have it here as well. The lyrics will definitely send you flying to another (and probably better) world. If you're in pain, sad, or angry, listen to this masterpiece and it will be soothing for your soul. On the other hand, if you're happy, laughing non-stop or just really energetic, this prodigy will keep it up! I don't need to mention there are absolutely no fillers; they just chain one masterpiece after the other.

A complete must for any metalhead (or anybody actually). I declare myself preacher of the Moonlyght way of life. May ''Shining'' be with you...