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Pretty boring - 65%

KayTeeBee, November 19th, 2004

Canada's Moonlyght debut album is pretty boring to say the least. Its main problem is the fact that the riffs have already been done a million times before, which makes most of the album boring to listen to, and it fails most of the time at trying to get the listener's attention. I do appreciate the mix of black/folk though, that is one thing at least that isn't too cliched these days.

Let's just take a look at one of the songs on this album - The Sceptic Traveller. It starts out with a mid-tempo guitar riff that sounds like most folk metal bands we're used to hear. The acoustic interludes are beautiful, but fuck, it's been done so many times before!!! In the end comes the harmonized "melody", which also sounds boring.

There is one excellent song on this album though - From Honour To Nothingness, and sadly, it's the shortest song on this album (being 4:41). The riff here is unique and very up-beat, and so are the melodies, if all the songs on this album had been this good the whole album would've been great.

These guys are good musicians, but perhaps what they need to find is their own sound, something that will set them apart from most folk metal bands these days. Let's hope their second release will be better!

Pure Brilliance. - 96%

f4c30fd34th, September 25th, 2003

Moonlyght is mix of all types of metal, including Black, Folk, Speed, Power, and Prog. It sounds odd, but the result of "Progressive Darkness" is amazing. Every song on the album is a Masterpiece, with heavy parts, and soft, melodic acoustic parts, with vocals ranging from harsh black vox to clean vox, with all sorts of vocals in between the two. The vocals rarely sound the same, because they're so varied. Every song is perfect, with awesome riffage, bass, drums, and vocals. My favorite song on the album is "Fantasy", which begins with a power metal-esque ballad, then the awesome riffage comes in and totally kills, stopping only for incredibly beautiful acoustic passages.
I command everyone to listen to this album. NOW.