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Temperance 2.0: a tad more sympho, a tad less power - 85%

BlackheartSauron, September 1st, 2019
Written based on this version: 2019, Digital, Scarlet Records

Apparently the band was started by drummer/keyboadist and vocalist of Temperance, and thus the debut album was bound to be Temperance 2.0.

To those who have no idea what kind of band Temperance is - what we have here is a very polished and well produced product of a pop-power sympho metal conveyor. But it's from Italy, and italians know their stuff about melodic music.

The sound has changed a bit, but not too much - there's a bit of Epica, a bit of Nightwish (or even Tarja solo albums), and a whole lot of Temperance here. A bit less choir singing in choruses, a bit more emphasis on female vocalist, keyboards are a bit more "symphonic" and moved a bit more to the permanent background instead of being an occasional soloing instrument, etc. Most of the songs are uptempo, but there are several tracks that are closer to mid-tempo and allow for a bit more interesting (in my opinion) vocal lines to be used.

Chiara Tricarico is competent, has a nice-ish voice and a very good range. But she isn't Tarja, even though in some places on this album she clearly tries to be (and even gets close occasionally - listen to chorus in song Time). So your enjoyment of this album heavily depends on whether you're not bothered by the thinner overtones in her voice. If you're ok with how she sounds - then great, as she has quite the range, hits all the notes perfectly etc. However if you find her voice to be a bit underwhelming in how it sounds, the technical excellence will probably not interest you a lot. But it is there.

Speaking about technical excellence, this can be said about every instrument here (except maybe for occasional harsh-y male vocals) - these people aren't amateurs, this is only debut for their new "brand", but they've been in Temperance for years, and other recruited members (two guitarists and bassist) have been in bands of similar genres for years as well (bassist is in Elvenking since 2012, for example).

So product-wise this is all good and excellent. But is there any substance here, or is it yet another polished symphopowermetal cash grab?

Well, I'll leave it to you to decide. It certainly feels very generic - when there are so many bands around doing (or at least trying to do) the same thing. But remember - not all of those bands succeed in producing a competent release.

All in all "De Rerum Natura" is a good female-fronted power metal album with decent songwriting and near-perfect execution.