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Two of the most interesting bands hailing from Ger - 96%

antonslavey, June 6th, 2005

Although there are only two tracks, (one track from each artist) there seems to be alot of work put into this masterpiece. Since I do not own this release, I listened to a copy my friend had, and immediately wrote a review. I do not know the lyrics either but I believe I understand the meaning of 'Nocturnal Silence in the Forest'. At one point, there is a lot of random screaming, which at first may sound a bit annoying, but after a few listens, the screams sound fucking amazing. I think it is supposed to resemble the screaming silence of the forest.. I'm not quite sure what that means but it sounds grim. The keyboards and synths are great as well. It doesn't sound at all like Daemonic Alchemy, where the keyboards completely overpower the rest of the music. Every instrument blends together perfectly. This song truly lets your imagination fly to worlds unknown. When I listen to it, this is where it usually brings me: It's a dark, stormy night, you are wandering through the thick forest and wet pine branches are making you more wet than the rain is. Lost, confused, and alone. You stop and let imagination fill your brain and take over. Now you are in a deep meditation... One with the forest... Suddenly you hear a branch snap and footseps behind you. You are being followed. You look behind your shoulder and you see a large shadowy figure slowly comming closer and closer... You see a long blade, glistening from the moonlight. It rises and is about to strike you. Frightened, you run aimlessly as fast and as far away as you can running through the branches and tripping over roots. Its so dark you can barely see where you are going. You are overwhelmed and consumed by madness. You trip again and you feel a sharp, agonising pain in you back. He caught up with you and you quickly lose a shitload of blood. Now you are dead... I assure you, this song will NEVER get boring.
Moonstruck... A typical song by Moonblood. It sounds more like it belongs in the album: 'Blut und Krieg', yet is still a great song. I don't really have a lot to say about this song, because it doesn't really bring me to another world the way Nema does, yet it still gets stuck in your head very easily. I strongly recommend this for any fan of black metal.

Infernal Hails,