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Marred somewhat by the production - 88%

webermg, May 18th, 2003

Now normally, I wouldn't care about bad production with black metal, but the type of music that is on this demo really needs better production. It's not near as bad as Nosferatu, though, so I guess I should be happy.

As it goes, this demo contains some excellent black metal. All of the songs are good, and none get boring like so much other black metal out there. Blastbeats are used sparingly (thank god), and the guitars are minimalist while still managing to sound epic, which is no small feat.

One thing that surprised me was the vocals, which were actually rather understandable. The lyrics are silly, but what can you really expect? There wasn't any overtly NS crap though, which is good.

It starts off with a short synth instrumental, and then kicks into high gear with "Nightly Mass", an almost 8 minute song that keeps your attention throughout its whole length. Next is "The Gates of Eternity", another kickass song, that features some excellent riffs. "A Land Where the Sky is Black" is very atmospheric, and actually sounds like winter, which probably makes no sense. "In the Shadow of the Inverted Crucifix" is probably my least favorite song on here, yet it is still pretty damn good.

After that comes the title track, which is another great song, and the last actual song. The opening of it screams "epic", and the rest of the song doesn't disappoint. The outro is a short choir thing which ends the whole experience perfectly.

I would recommend that any fans of black metal hear this any way they can.