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Moonblood - Rehearsal 7 - 72%

Tyrand_Ixadorian, March 18th, 2008

Beware of kvltness! What we have here is a Moonblood demo from their glory days. You who are not true look away!

If you have never heard a Moonblood release the first thing you will notice when listening to this is its production. Moonblood is the fucking undisputed king of terrible production. This demos production is above most Moonblood production standards, its no Blut Und Krieg but is still far better than the fuzzy clanking of The Evil Rules. You can hear most of the instruments, but some times it gets a bit noisy. If you think of Darkthrone as bad production then Moonblood is clearly not for you.

Underneath the fuzz and hissing this album actually has some good riffs. So dark, so cold, so fucking black metal. Something else you may discover underneath all the fuzz and hissing is that Occulta Mors is actually a decent drummer. I love his blasting as well as his slower mid-tempo beats. The thing that really lets you know this is a Mooblood release are Gaamalzagoth vocals though. His evil raspy vocals and his earsplitting shrieks are just fantastic, I have always considered him to be amongst the best black metal vocalists.

All in all this is an above average Moonblood demo. Its got atmosphere, riffs, great vocals and its over fucking 80 minutes long. Recommended for Moonblood fans as well as fans of lo-fi black metal.