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Not bad, suffers from production - 75%

Taliesin, January 14th, 2006

This is the third Moonblood release, featuring Max Schreck as Count Orlok on the cover from the movie Nosferatu. This starts off with a slightly cheesy sounding organ intro, before going into very muffled black metal. The songs are complex, and have some epic song structures, but it is difficult to discern what they are trying to get across. Despite this, with more listens, one can hear the beginnings of the complex style that would be featured on their full length "Blut Und Krieg." Sections can remind of early Graveland, song two is very similar in feeling to even later day Graveland, with a slow epic and drawn out feeling and emotional riffs.
The vocals at least are audible, they are primarily a higher scream, perhaps not as horrific as Varg, more like Pest from Gorgoroth.
This demo does not yet show the greatness that this band would acchieve, but it is not bad. For Moonblood fanatics I'd suggest downloading it, as that is the only way you'll ever find it.