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Good Demo, but this is just the beginning. - 78%

I_am_thy_abyss, February 4th, 2006

Moonblood its one of those unique bands, with there own individual "style" of black metal, and that we can see clearly on this demo, Nosferatu, the third of them.

The main essence of Moonblood are the epic and emotional guitars following the background blast beat and ocasionally some slow and very simple drums, with not that importance on the main structure; the Moonblood riffs haves this cold feeling, and they can do records with over an hour of music, that haves very similar tracks into it, but I am allways eager to listen more and more of those tracks, because they are unique and haves a lot of emotion. On Noferatu there are 6 tracks and over 40 minutes of the same based structures, which is not borring at all, some fast drums, on other tracks are not that fast, but the structure of the riffs makes every track kind of slow, its not that agressive as other BM bands.

In this Demo, the production its kind of muffled (almost every Demo from moonblood its like this, but this is one of the most muffleds), which is not bad at all, its the individuality of them, if they want the Demos to sound like this, its cool for me, I like it anyway.

For me, the best track its Only a Dream of Dark Kingdom, with chaotic blast beats featuring some amazing and sharp riffs, sounding just like a blade.