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As good as Blut Und Krieg - 95%

Taliesin, August 31st, 2006

I have to say this, the earliest self titled demo of Moonblood remains as one of their best releases. The sound is raw, very distant and difficult, but that means little, it is Moonblood after all. This earlier view of Moonblood is a dark creation of epic quality and yet an evil horrific feeling that is very powerful.

Opening with Hope, a song that has a very powerful melancholy and medieval feeling, one knows that Moonblood is here to create black metal that is infused with the dark medieval spirit that has increasingly become lost among newer bands. The production layers the music under a thick sense of grim and an ancient quality that is very spectral and haunting. The vocals are a harsh distorted attack over the rest of music, but still feels well layered into the whole. The riffs on all of the songs on here are excellent, creating a dark pure black metal feeling. One feels the call of the forest, the dark lord above all, the lycanthropic urge, the vampyric hunger, everything that cold winter black metal needs to call forth upon the listener.

Like all Moonblood now this isn't hard to find the music files, and certainly it is worth digging up. If you love The Winter Falls Over the Land or Blut Und Krieg you should listen to this. Lacking the less interesting thrashy songs of Blut Und Krieg, this is all quality, creating a powerful listening experience from beginning to end. I'm glad I checked this out, because it's well worth it, providing a rewarding hour of music that will stand the test of time. Just stay away if grim production values annoy you.