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Feast Of A Monumental Release - 85%

Scizzgoth, March 10th, 2005

What happens when you get two great bands, in their humble and honest first steps, in their first best appearence? You get the results of this amazing split release off course.

This split saw both bands take on a different route in their sound, with Rotting Christ ending their earlier Death/Grind sound for a deadly, killer, heavy as hell doom sound. Monumental, manifest on the sadness in your soul, throwing a huge rock over your tomb; it honestly feels like dying.

Rotting Christ's offering to the pyre of this release is an amazingly constructed song that will remind you of much, but all of them were suprisingly released after it. Amazingly slow, guitar driven doom/death metal from both bands. Think of a harsher, nearly non-melodic version of Evoken, and you are getting close.

But don't get really close. The stein of rot and decay will take away your soul. Such is the suffering and doom in this monumental release.