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Monumentum - Metastasi

some boring goth crap - 33%

Noktorn, January 19th, 2011

I haven't heard any other Monumentum material. After hearing this disc, I don't really have a desire to. Frankly, Monumentum have a few strikes against them already. For one, they're Italian, who are a swarthy and cruel people. Secondly, they're a darkwave band (I think? Does darkwave mean anything). Third, they're the darkwave side project of a metal band, and stuff like that rarely goes anywhere good. Four, this CD is a compilation of remixes and 'rare tracks' (do rare tracks exist in the era of Soulseek?). In short, it's everything I don't really want to listen to, and I can't say I was particularly surprised by the end result of the music on this disc.

So this is darkwave, is it? I'm not entirely sure what darkwave means at this point. I've heard it applied to Black Tape For A Blue Girl but I've also heard it applied to Mortiis and random goth industrial projects, so who really knows. In this case, darkwave appears to mean 'quiet, restrained electronic music with a gothic feel'. So I guess that counts for something. Monumentum was ostensibly a metal band at one point but I'd be hard-pressed to identify any elements of that on this CD. For the most part, Monumentum sounds like the electronic side project of a metal musician: overly simply, not very nuanced, and not very well composed for what it is because metal musicians should make metal and aren't very good at making other things. So that's what this album is: a completely interminable collection of 75 minutes of boring, quiet electronic music.

I'm unaware of what any of the original versions of these tracks sound like, but the remixes are all boring, quiet electronic stuff with bad synth patches. There's some covers here and there (done in the same boring electronic style) and then more remixes, which makes me wonder if Monumentum does any songs that exist in their own, unadulterated form. Not that it matters much- I hardly think any of the originals are interesting if the remixes are so dull. Monumentum plays (at least on this disc) a style of understated, almost ambient gothic electronic music that mostly depends on slow, repetitive beat construction and layers of (again, quiet and distant) synths and sound effects, but there's no leading voices to any of the tracks- they don't go anywhere or have any direction. Really most of the music sounds like the soundtrack to a pretty boring video game.

The majority of this stuff seems instrumental, but occasionally some goofy clean vocals will pop up, emoting way too hard and trying to be sexy and dangerous but really just coming off as silly, especially with the pseudo-porn soundtrack backing they're given. In addition to this, though all the tracks are in the same boring style, they never seem to have any real stylistic similarity apart from slow drums and quiet synths- they could be from any number of boring Myspace projects in this vein, but instead they're compiled. I understand that this is a compilation and not exactly crafted to function in the way a full album does, but come on, couldn't the pacing be a little better? Instead, we're just given track after track of music that wouldn't impress even the most credulous 15 year old goth girl.

So yeah, this shit's boring and lame, don't listen to it. Most goth stuff pretty much sucks but this is extra unacceptable. I would suggest a viable alternative band but you really shouldn't be listening to stuff like this at all.