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Atmospheric overload - 100%

shwartzheim, June 12th, 2011

On one hand, I'm surprised that no-one has reviewed In Absentia Christi yet, given the Euronymous connection as well as being released on the sadly defunct Misanthropy label, which was the home for all things creative and/or avant-garde metallically speaking in the 90's. On the other hand trying to describe this album is no easy task at all, so maybe thats why there isn't any reviews?

Well, this isn't really a review as I cannot put the atmospheric godliness of this album into words, so lets call it a Monumentum awareness blurb. This is one mysterious and obscure gem that would be at home in any dark music lovers collection. It sounds almost like Celtic Frost released Into the Pandemonium in 1991 after listening to both Fields of the Nephilim's Elizium album and Dead Can Dance. Kind of.

Call it avant/goth/world/metal I guess, but if you want to hear something completely different and beautifully dark, get a hold of this at all costs.