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little to learn... - 50%

hexen, December 12th, 2007

Monstrosities have, previously to this record, released some of the most constructive, callous, useful and poignant of music in within their career. However, media and television based hypes regarding what people want to hear than what people want to listen to. When perpetrators such as these get to "comeback", it's utterly palpable and moronic not to see this as another mistake, were the band release their mediocre, industry influenced music.

This album is no exception, the production completely overdone and the guitar sounds similar to a mediocre metalcore band, unfocused and with zero brutality to it. Riffs embedded amongst each other without regard to any real innovation and originality like previous Monstrosity works, and the extensive right handed techniques utilized on the previous records as well (in particular I might say, to In Dark Purity) is eradicated. Structures are wearisome and fragmented with no interesting standard listen to even at times, catchy riffs layered out unto segments of a monotonous vibe reminiscent of mediocre death metal at best.

The guitar solos on this album, although highly technical and intricate, are placed were you expect them to. There is no denying the skill of each individual of this band alone, but indistinctness when writing music like this, or an influence from modern TV culture, becomes apparent even when musicians are as experienced as this. Bass doesn't even deserve a mention; it is completely inaudible despite the virtuous skill of Mike Poggoine.

However, there are some positive aspects on the album. The vocals, intricate and intelligent, Mike Hrubovcak is essentially the most focused member in this band at the moment, and drummer Lee Harrison is also highly skilled, and adds a tremendous amount of feeling to the drums, and never gets out of time or surfaces when he shouldn't.

This album delivers little potential and infact, little to worry about the future of Monstrosity, since this album displays perfectly that these musicians can only adhere to skill, yet completely ignore were the strength of death metal occurs in abstract, as opposed to pure wankery.