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Best. Blast. Beats. Ever. - 91%

MorbidAtheist666, September 18th, 2008

I really love this album. It is quite a masterpiece. I am extremely impressed by the drumming for the most part. Lee Harrison is just totally awesome on this! Yes, I believe this album has the best blast beats ever. I have never heard blast beats executed so perfectly in my life. From the first track to the last track, they are done extremely well. I really dig the drummer of this band. The title starts off with George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher’s screaming along with blast beats and a really awesome guitar sound. Corpsegrinder’s vocals are pretty powerful on this track. The guitar riffs are absolutely awesome on this. As for the bass, yes I can hear it and it sounds pretty damn cool.

Definitive Inquisition is the best track on the entire album. It begins with the guitars and drums going and then all of a sudden there’s an explosion sound in there. This track yet again has some really awesome blast beats. There’s really nice drum fills on this track. The blast beats are just totally awesome. The bass is pretty clear on some parts of this song. I really like it. The guitar solo is the best on this one. Nice use of the whammy bar is used during the beginning of the guitar solo. Ceremonial Void features some awesome blast beats and drumming once again (the double bass pedal and china crash is put to good to use on this one) as well and they sound really well as Corpsegrinder vocalizes with them. I think is a really great track on this album. There is one scream Corpsegrinder does that he would do on future Cannibal Corpse albums he would do later on in his career.

The other tracks are pretty damn cool. I dig the riffs, vocals and of course the drumming. It all sounds fast and heavy, I like that. I like the cymbal work in Immense Malignancy. The blast beats of course are really in place on this song. There are a lot of blast beats on this one. The china crash is used several times on this one. Vicious Mental Thirst has the best double bass pedal work. There is also one part in this song where the bass is extremely clear. I think there’s a mini bass solo thrown in there. I like how Vicious Mental Thirst fades out. Burden of Evil begins with some really great blast beats. The china crash once again is put to great use. The double bass pedal work also sounds terrific. The vocals on here top notch as well. I really like the guitar solo in this song. It sounds like a pretty difficult guitar solo.

Horror Infinity and the last two tracks are pretty damn sweet. Horror Infinity starts out slow at first, but it begins to pick up after a while and goes into an awesome fast death metal assault. The guitar solo comes a bit early in this song and it sounds pretty good. There is a little bit of technical guitar work in this song. As for the last tracks, they sound really excellent, most definitely Final Cremation.

The drumming is really awesome on all of the tracks. There is not one moment on this album where the drums sound bad. The blast beats are done with such great precision, they executed extremely well. If you’re looking for an album with the best blast beats, get this one. You will know what I mean. This is a highly recommended album.