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Mons Veneris > Rape the Nazarene > Reviews > oneyoudontknow
Mons Veneris - Rape the Nazarene

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz² - 15%

oneyoudontknow, December 19th, 2007

To rape the Nazarene is the title of this tape, but the only thing that I felt being raped are my ears due to crappy music offered on this release. Beside this one I (currently) own another one of Mons Veneris’ releases and it is even worse than this one; there is no such thing as a bottom line that cannot be undercut in one another way, this is what I have learned from the Morbifer review. Compared to the Abruptum adoration release (Evil Genius - a tribute to Abruptum), on this one there are some aspects which could indeed fit to the term ‘nice’; yes, I am not kidding. Mons Veneris proves that the band is actually capable to write music that possesses at least some kind of structure in terms of the music and compositions, nevertheless is the quality compared to releases of other bands nothings else but subpar. Well, Mons Veneris is a one-man-band and of course are the short-comings of this limitation prevalent and cannot be plastered in any way.

Portugal is a country I recently started to discover; in terms of Black Metal. The Pela Gloria split release as well as one of Kraft’s tapes, were the first releases I have listened to. If they should be representative, the quality of the album released in the scene would be pretty low; like this band/project of Lord Infaustum. Chaos and noise are of course a core element of Mons Veneris’ music, but on ‘To rape the Nazarene’ at least some guiding hand can be examined and keep the track going; whereby occasionally some sort of a glance in terms of structure in the compositions gleams out of the swampy perception of the music. Nevertheless does someone only familiar with more modern approaches, like those of Dimmu Borgir or Cradle of Filth for instance, hardly find anything cheering and fascinating in this kind of music. Especially the balancing of the instruments disturbs any attempt to enjoy in the music in the first place. While a bass is absent of course, the drums appear rather in the sort of a guest-appearance, just as if they have no place in the compositions. Actually this does have to be such bad, as the release of Blasphemous from Poland made me aware of. On their last track the drums also vanish due to a very raw production, yet their hypnotic riffs and their usage together with the vocals was able to compensate this short-coming neatly. From the capability to deal with problems in such a way, Mons Veneris is as far away as the Pluto is from the sun.

Dominating on this release is a mixture of vocals and guitars, while in the background some howling noise tries to add some scary atmosphere; no, this music does not fit to Halloween, but there are actually some bands whose only quality seems to be their professional corpse paint. Well, the guitars keep the tracks going or at least they try to; would the plain riffs not prevent it in the first place. There is no such thing as catchiness or even something that would grab the attention of the listener over a longer period of time. If one track is over the next one follows right away, due to the gapless approach in which the music was created; as a transition serves the background noise. In terms of song-writing though, there are no elements or motives that the listener could be remembered to; in the sense that someone would classify it as typical for this band or merely for one track. The songs pass on and leave nothing behind; they are like a foul breathe, which infects the soul and only after it is vanished someone will find relief. Mere guesswork is the performance of the vocals though. Does this coughing of Lord Infaustum, lord of what?, stem from his inability to scream over a longer period of time or rather as an element to support the lame attempt of his music? I am hardly able to give an opinion on this. I suspect though that my first argument is correct.

Another boring record of this band and it is hard to find words for the low quality of this release. It is somehow like Zarach Baal Tharagh, but with a better production, but you have never the feeling that the music has the quality to fascinate the listener or to create some nice haunting atmosphere. There is simply nothing the like and therefore nothing more than 15 points are possible.