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A Fall Into Death and Life at the Same Time - 95%

aforestopera, December 29th, 2014

Monolithe comes through with an album so majestic in size it can only hold one song, and for good reasons! Nothing stand in the way of this momentous album with a track that nears an hour long. This doom track manages to hold its epic tone for the duration of it's 52 minutes span of existence. For someone who actively seeks out epic songs (songs 15 minutes and longer), I have indulged myself fully in this track, and came out of the experience pleasantly surprised.

I feel that the enjoyability of this album resounds in its tone and feel as well as the drone of the guitars. You will find recognizable melodies, despite how slowly they may be played, but they won't overstay their welcome. The sounds themselves aim for an overall atmospheric experience and relies heavily on it's background fuzz and sounds to convey a sense of immensity, wideness and overwhelming presence. Reading into the lyrics you find the story of this monolith and it's presence in life. I feel like a track like this could have been used in an updated version of 2001, A Space Odyssey, because truly demand to be taken for what it is. A magnificent relic of epic power.

Regarding the composition itself, the track does contain many subparts to its whole. Themes that sound like they would be part of the "chorus" or the "verse" of the song, if this song operated under those guidelines. The song makes use of all it's instruments and balances them all very well. There are short moments every now and then were one instrument gets it small share of the spotlight. The programmed drums, though not detriment to the album, might sway people away from this album because of the lack of the "raw" drum sounds. I personally think they still manage to incorporate the programmed drums into the song and stitch it all together sonically in a well produced manner.

All in all, I am looking forward to listening to everything this band has to offer in terms of sounds and philosophy. Because, in the end, what this band is trying to accomplish seems like the beginning of something grander, and something that can only be appreciated when combine in full narrative of the story. Looking forward to the complete experience. Definitely look into this funeral doom metal album, it's worth the length.