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WIndrider, December 15th, 2003

When someone plays a single instrument, the power it conveys is limited. One instrument can only go so far because it inherently lacks the complexity which the average mind desires. Yet when instruments combine something magical happens. If done correctly a force can be created, which gesture reaches into the very bowls of the soul, and transcends the act of a mere creator-observer dichotomy. This eclipse, a catharsis if you will, is by no means simply an incorporation of several musical conjunctions. No it is the result an additional factor of brilliance, when every purveyor of the instrument, understands their purpose, as well as the others.
Monolithe extol this reality, their musical authority, transcends that of music, and becomes an experience. The second one puts on monolithe a mist evokes the senses, mundane thoughts perish, as they are physically destroyed by it’s “monolithic” presence. This behemoth pervades with grace, flowing seamlessly like the ethereal cloud which shrouds it. One becomes entangled in the fog and suddenly time becomes invalid. This song could be 5 minutes or two hours, it would not matter, because monolithe is an experience, not a mere listen.
The fact that monlithe is one 51 minute song only adds to the utmost respect that I adorn for the creators of this incarnation. How someone can create such an essence and truly make it last for every fraction of a second is beyond me. The second monolithe slow sullen essence churns, one knows. With monolithe you will find no virtousic solo’s, no thrashing drum leads. No, all one find with monolithe is something which works, better than 99% of all music out there. The growls, the keys, the guitar, they are all one.
Monolithe’s quest is to explore the origin of humanity and this exposition is done flawlessly. Monolithe offer answers, because they are the answer. Monolithe shows the power of the human potential, in addition to innately human ability of create divinity out of nothing. Like the very rare elite of metal, Monolithe are transcendental, and their quest, their prophecy, their experience will withstand the test of time.
For those looking for a concrete definition of monolithe, one could cling to an identity such as funeral doom. Yet monolithe are far more than just this identification, and therefore inherently defy any labeling. Monolithe is pure musical gold, whose ambience, vision, clarity, and sound resonates to anyone in a similar metal frame. All I can ask is to truly give Monolithe a try. They may not be “brutal”, hell they may not even be “metal”, but they are brilliant, and that is all I could ask for.
MONOLITHE IS GOD= ALBUM OF THE YEAR. And trust me folks I listen to a lot of fucking metal!