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Intellectus Iudicat Veritatem - 85%

TheDoorToDeceit, April 6th, 2012

Sometimes it is difficult to understand what leads us to write about someone or something. In music, the scenario is similar. Moreover, over the past years we have been confronted with an unfathomable amount of new releases coming out in waterfalls weekly or monthly, some of them with recognizable quality, and so our attention is focused there, forgetting everything around us, if even for a few hours.

The Belgian Monads captured our attention with their debut demo, 'Intellectus Iudicat Veritatem'. Consisting of five long songs that are left to wander amid the doom/death and funeral doom with a musical force and brutality disarmingly able to sweep a landscape and leave it in the deepest agony and inhospitable darkness. A good example is the opening theme called 'The Stars Are Screaming' where we face, after a few seconds with this reality, a mix of Evoken, Mournful Congregation, and Esoteric. Beyond this devastating side, there are moments of greater calm where we are provided some time to breathe. 'Broken Gates To Nowhere' is proof of that, where a slow growing and sweetly-colored palette theme extends to lighter shades and mildness in a very similar tune of some post-rock Explosions In The Sky and disdain that they do not embrace that, of course, end in a finale that brings together all these aspects, giving it a certain aura of epicness, I dare say. Or the passage in 'Absent As In These Veins' that ends in a final austere, hard, breathtaking part that makes us dizzy and when recomposed of the hustle, the first thing that occurs is to press the play button again.

While we are treading ground already well-known and widely-exploited over the last few years, we have to admit that this is a debut work fairly consistent and cohesive with good songs that sound blacker than any shadow.

Originally written for Temple of Doom Metal